Continue to stay at home

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Due to the circumstances that we are living in Catalonia according to the recommendations of our health system, The team continued CalaFibra confined and recommend to our customers and to the general population and it also takes care of the protection measures as we have been doing so far.

For this reason, All our offices will remain closed to the public, but continue attending and solving queries and problems via email ( or even phones:

  • L'Ametlla and Miami Beach: 877916000
  • El Perelló: 877916070
  • Camarles: 877916090

From the day 13 March, Our technicians are monitoring the network to ensure that it supports the increased demand and consumption in all locations. Being more hours at home and use more connections, has increased the demand for Internet, either work from home or for entertainment (video games, and the series·movies streaming, etc.).

Due to the increased demand, we had an increase in consumption, and that was before consumption peaks in the evening, are now stable consumption throughout the day. To ensure the proper functioning of the service, we made our connections increases core and we can say that the network response has been positive during the day, supporting traffic and content alone·bid.


However, If you notice any problem or incident, please, let us in so we can troubleshoot and resolve.

Also give some tips to make better use of your connection and to avoid risks computer viruses and theft of personal data.

For better use of your connection:

  • To the extent possible, connect cable to your network router connections that require quality, as well as making sure all the bandwidth in the wired device connected (for example: smart TV, video-consoles, etc.), it also reduces latency (response time).
  • If your router has two WiFi networks (2,4 Ghz i 5GHz) the 5GHz is recommended to use it to watch streaming content and connections that require a good quality, to have more connection speed. On the other hand, Coverage is lower than the net 2,4Gz. The 5GHz can differentiate because in the end there will "5G" if your device is compatible.

Security measures in connections:

  • Avoid clicking on any links if the sender distrust. Unfortunately, mark the Covidien-19, detected an increase in malicious emails posing as WHO, medical centers, etc. and not provide any personal information (NIF, Bank details,etc) that could endanger your privacy.
  • Change your passwords periodically.
  • No Athenian calls from people reporting possible virus on your device and / or technical advice.
  • Pay careful shopping online. Only then it should be safe and tied gateway·known as the Payment: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, etc.
  • Avoid clicking banners or pop-ups that tell you you've won a lottery and especially not provide personal data layer.
  • As for apps and downloading files, pay attention regarding the acceptance of permits (There are apps that only·seeking permission to access location, Photos, contacts, etc). Use the privacy settings for any device, app or service you use.

We appreciate your understanding and hope to return to normal as soon as possible.