Series of recommendations related to new technologies

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In our post today, I want to recommend some series related to the world of telecommunications and new technologies to try this weekend quarantine become more enjoyable.

computer programmers, hackers, social networks and take part in our behavior are some of the topics treated in our series list.

  • Mr. Robot (Amazon Prime)

Elliot, is a young programmer during the day works as technical cyber security company and as hacker at night. Anonymous is recruited by an anarchist named Mr. Robot, whose mission is to end E Corp., the company he works for Elliot.



  • Years&Years (HBO)

It tells how the life of a British family during Lyons 15 years (from 2024), not only the subject but others such as technological: political and neo-fascism, nuclear threats, climate change, capitalism, immigration, etc.



  • Black Mirror (Netflix)

We live constantly obsessed with social networks. This feeling continues to expect a long “like” or review in a publication carried to the extreme in this chapter of the third season of Black Mirror, The girl lives in a desperate to enter the social elite, achieve a better score and have better assessment. And Instagram a false idea of ​​happiness? A perfect life where you never have bad days and that we are always charming and adorable?

This chapter is one that you can see but there are many more, independent of each other.




  • Silicon Valley (HBO)

American comedy where Richard Hendricks (protagonist) working for the company doing hoola programmer the high technology park in the western United States, which creates a new digital file compression software. They sold the rights to the company you work for or create their own company and will waste millions Hool?



  • Girls cable (Netflix)

Set in the early years 30 tells the histor four girls who begin their working life in national phone company based in Madrid. Getting a job as a operator at that time was a great opportunity progress i modernization for women, since its role estaba limited to housework



  • Halt and Catch Fire (AMC)

Tells the story of Joe MacMillan, a young man computer of IBM here, along with Cameron and Gordon are the perfect trio to boost world computer in the middle years of the decade 80. The second in the group provides business insight and business, while the third is a marvel of everything related to the programming.



  • You (Netflix)

Joe Goldberg, Obsessive behavior, exploits new technologies to conquer Beck, the woman of his dreams. Spend a couple of stalker, then using the Social Networks i internet, gets to know the most intimate details approach them. What was love at first sight becomes an obsession and he will be getting rid of all obstacles (and people) that cross your path.


What do you think our list? N'afegiríeu any more?