How to get kids to surf the net safely?

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These days, the use of the Internet with confinement has increased significantly, especially among children and adolescents. Thanks to the internet, Social Networks, mobile phones and video games the period of isolation is not being so difficult to bear. Since our chances of relating, learning or simply enjoying our leisure has moved to the screens of our electronic devices.
On the other hand the network has been postulated, not just for leisure, but as a study tool so that our children can continue to study from home.
But we must pay attention, how to enjoy this advantage more profitably to optimize and protect their use.

How to Plan a Convenient Digital Confinement.

Plan your day to day, it will be difficult but worth it. Because of telecommuting, the attention of our little ones, homework…we cannot be in the 100% alert to the use of the little ones at home.

  • Plan connections.
  • Set study and leisure hours.
  • Limit the time of each schedule.
  • Set a good example.
  • Limit the use of any electronic devices.
  • Helped by a parental control system.
  • Instal·the good antivirus.
  • Inculca’ls, explain to your children that they should never reveal any personal data to strangers.
  • Teach your children not to download unreliable content files.


How do we know if the apps our kids are using are safe?

There are different applications that allow parents to create more security for their children when surfing the Internet.
These allow you to configure the web to block unwanted pages., or even see your children's browsing history.
One of them is Qustodio Control Parental, this is used to filter websites, and every time your child tries to block a website, it sends you notifications on your phone.
There are also different tools like Family Link de Google, allows you to see the child's activity, control usage time, manage applications, blocking or permissions for which you want to download from the Google Play Store.
In case of having iPhone, iPad or iPod you can control the usage time in applications, websites and other spaces. You can also set usage limits and restrictions on private content.