Tips for video conferencing

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As you know, with COVID-19, most companies have opted for telework, video conferencing has become one of the best allies of business.

However, the vast majority are unaware of the secrets of these video conferencing tools. Many of us have come across the situation of consuming many more GB at the mobile rate of those raised, or we may have wondered how to do and act properly when conducting a video conference. Usually, most of us have seen ourselves as beginners.


Some useful technical and aesthetic tips, to make quality video conferencing.


A priori it may seem very similar to talking on the phone, but having eye contact with your interlocutor. We have to keep in mind that even if we don’t talk they are watching us. It seems very obvious, but it’s important to be aware all the time.


Technical advice
  • Before you start, you need to make sure everything works properly, as it can often give you last minute headaches. Technical mistakes can be one of the worst enemies.
  • Whenever you can do video conferencing on a device that you can plug into a network cable directly to the router. This will ensure that you have a good bandwidth and avoid cuts during the conversation.
  • Choose an area where you have optimal Wifi signal. Avoid having many devices connected simultaneously to the Wifi network, as it can affect the speed of the video call and consequently, its quality may be affected.
Aesthetic advice
  • It is important to choose well where you will conduct the video conference, the angle and light of the place. Needless to say, it is a private area with little traffic.
  • Try not to be an area with objects that could distract the other person.
  • Before you begin visualize what the people we are talking to will see. If you want to impress or look more professional, you can decorate the area with a diploma, degree, recognition, etc.
  • Avoid doing several things at once.
  • Try to look at the camera when you speak and not at the screen.
  • You have to take care of the image.

Finally we leave you with some approximate calculations of the GB consumption when using video calling applications and platforms. This guidance only works when using mobile data, since the connections we offer with fiber optic or Wimax are with consumption il·limited.

Apps and platforms
Consumption 1 connection time
Hangouts 3,10 GB
Google Duo 1,63 GB
Instagram 1,17GB
Skype 0,45GB
Whatsapp 0,44 GB
Facebook Messenger 0,41 GB
Facetime 0,19 GB