How do I disable voicemail on mobile?

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Many times have voicemail activated, although not like we do not know how to remove it.
Finding yourself with this feature enabled is normal, because usually enabled by default on mobile, whether mobile or fixed, any company. The use of voice mail has dropped significantly in recent years, especially in the particular area because we use, so widespread instant messaging or email.

Although not believe it is one of the most common questions that make us.

For that, how to continue reading before disconnecting voicemail, we leave the functions that you can benefit and may not know:

• Customize language.
• Store voice messages.
• Learn about the date, time and telephone number of each message.
• Diverting calls to another phone number.
• Receive email messages.
• Customize message.

How do I disable- the?

  • AL WEB

Accessing the client area al web You'll be using your username and password or email.


Accessing the client area l’APP “Smart Movil”. Once recorded, you can access with your username and password or email.


You can also directly call Customer Service, we can do for you.


If you do not want to waste time, There is a simple way to manage with less than a minute.
Mark on your mobile ## 002 # and press call. Then you're seeing a message saying "Call Forwarding. Items successfully removed” this way you managed to disable it.

If you have any questions on how to do it, we encourage you to consult.

We can send an e-mail , or call any of our offices:

  • L'Ametlla : 877 916 000
  • Camarles : 877 916 090
  • El Perelló : 877 916 070